Mostar and Počitelj

At the intersection of histories, cultures, and climates, Mostar is renowned for its iconic 16th-century bridge spanning the Neretva River. This archway, bridging the Muslim and Catholic parts of the city, is a symbol of unity. As you stroll through the old bazaar, visit a traditional Turkish house, and enter a mosque, your guide will unravel the intricate tapestry of daily life in Mostar. Enjoy some free time to have lunch at a local restaurant or sip a traditional Bosnian coffee before heading back to Dubrovnik, enriched by your cultural encounter.

The historic urban site of Počitelj is located on the left bank of the Neretva River, along the main road to Mostar. In the Middle Ages, Počitelj was the administrative center and governance hub of the Dubrava County, marking its westernmost point and strategic importance. The fortified town and its ancillary structures are believed to have been built by the King of Bosnia, Stjepan Tvrtko I, in 1383. The town evolved between the 16th and 18th centuries, with architectural remnants reflecting both medieval and Ottoman influences.

Upon arriving in Mostar, enjoy a guided walking tour followed by free time. Explore Mostar through the eyes of a local guide who brings the city’s past to life, helping you understand its present. The guide will share over 600 years of history, architecture, and culture, including the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the recent wars. During your free time, we recommend trying the best traditional Bosnian dishes.

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Passports are required for the excursion to Mostar.
The official currency is the Convertible Mark (KM), with approximately 0.5 KM equaling 1 EUR.

Vesna Lukic


Fair liberty, beloved liberty, liberty sweetly avowed,
thou art the treasured gift that God to us endowed,
all our glory is thy true creation,
to our Home thou art all the decoration,
no silver nor gold, not life itself could replace
the reward of thy pure and sublime grace.

Ivan Dzivo Gundulic

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