Montenegro Adventure: Scenic Day Trip from Dubrovnik

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Discover the beauty of Montenegro on this full-day excursion starting from Dubrovnik. Just a few kilometers south of Dubrovnik lies the border with Montenegro. Explore the stunning Montenegrin coast and visit two historic sites: Perast and Kotor.

Montenegro – A Gem of Natural Beauty

Montenegro is one of the last undiscovered secrets, a country whose vast natural and spiritual heritage defies commercialization. Exotic landscapes are closer than you think. Just an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik, Montenegro offers an unforgettable experience with its exceptional natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. This is a land where mountains almost directly descend into the sea, creating a surreal atmosphere.

Our Lady of the Rocks, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Your journey begins along the Montenegrin coast, arriving first at Perast, a charming village known for its maritime heritage. Here, you’ll have the chance to photograph the artificial islet of Our Lady of the Rocks, stroll around, or enjoy a coffee while admiring the stunning views.

Kotor – A Venetian Gem

Kotor is one of Montenegro’s most popular cities. Nestled in the Bay of Kotor, it retains a strong Venetian influence, and its fortified old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Don’t miss the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, dating back to 1166.

Upon arrival in Kotor, your guide will lead you on a discovery tour of this medieval town. Be sure to visit Kotor’s market, the heart of the town, where locals sell fresh fruits and vegetables.


Please note that passports are required for this excursion from Dubrovnik to Montenegro, and the official currency is the Euro (EUR).

Book your day trip to Montenegro today and embark on a journey through history, culture, and natural splendor!


Vesna Lukic


Fair liberty, beloved liberty, liberty sweetly avowed,
thou art the treasured gift that God to us endowed,
all our glory is thy true creation,
to our Home thou art all the decoration,
no silver nor gold, not life itself could replace
the reward of thy pure and sublime grace.

Ivan Dzivo Gundulic

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