Dubrovnik Tour for Kids

Dubrovnik Tour for Kids with a Local Guide

Discover Dubrovnik with our local guide, a true expert who knows the city’s secrets and must-see spots. This tour is specially designed for young tourists but is also engaging for parents. Enjoy an informative and fun exploration of Dubrovnik for the whole family.

**Medieval Crafts Tour**

Once upon a time, the Republic of Dubrovnik paid for its freedom with 10,000 ducats a year. These local coins were minted right here in Dubrovnik. Discover the ancient process and see if you can mint one yourself! We all know pirates used cannons, and these deadly weapons played a crucial role in the past. But do you know how cannonballs were made? We’ll visit the gunpowder room just below Minčeta Fortress to learn all about the cannonball production process.

**Tour Highlights:**

– **Start at Pile Gate:** The main entrance to the city, where your journey begins.
– **Kolorina Bay:** Learn about ancient dyeing methods used centuries ago.
– **Old Pharmacy:** Discover the traditional techniques of preparing potions and elixirs.

Walk through Dubrovnik’s narrow streets, following in the footsteps of old maids and night women. Visit St. Clare’s Convent, where fathers used to place their daughters to avoid paying dowries. Hidden in an alley, you’ll find Europe’s first orphanage, where women brought their illegitimate children.

A notable symbol of the city is its stairs—5432 steps in the old town, and you’ll climb a few of them.

The tour concludes on the main street with a delicious ice cream treat.

Join us for an engaging journey through the medieval crafts and hidden secrets of Dubrovnik!

Vesna Lukic


Fair liberty, beloved liberty, liberty sweetly avowed,
thou art the treasured gift that God to us endowed,
all our glory is thy true creation,
to our Home thou art all the decoration,
no silver nor gold, not life itself could replace
the reward of thy pure and sublime grace., Pas d’argent ni d’or, pas la vie elle-même pourrait remplacer la récompense de ta grâce pure et sublime.

Ivan Dzivo Gundulic

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« The most beautiful moment in human life is a departure for unknown lands »

Sir Richard Burton