Payment Methods in Croatia : Complete Guide

Croatia’s banking system is modern and technologically advanced. Croatia is one of Europe’s leading countries when it comes to receiving card payments and other types of electronic payment in hospitality establishments, hotels, stores, agencies and any other place where you can make a purchase or pay for a service. The system is secure, compliant with all European standards, and is certainly the simplest and most affordable means of payment in Croatia. When paying by credit card or other electronic transaction, you should take the same precautions as in any other part of Europe.

Mode de paiement en Croatie
Credit cards are accepted throughout Croatia

On January 1, 2023, Croatia became the 20th country to join the euro zone. The local currency, the kuna, was replaced by the euro. If you’re traveling to Dubrovnik from any EU country, you don’t need to worry about the exchange rate, as it’s a single currency.

All the major credit card companies are represented in Croatia, and it is possible to pay with credit or debit cards. While the number of outlets that accept payment by electronic means, such as Google Pay, is increasing every month. There are no extra or hidden charges for customers. Don’t worry if you come across an establishment that still doesn’t accept card payments: you’ll find ATMs everywhere, especially in popular tourist destinations.

Which credit and debit cards are accepted in Croatia?

Cirrus/Mastercard, Visa/Plus, Maestro and Diners Club are the most widely accepted cards in Croatia. American Express is accepted in some places, but is less widespread.

Does Croatia offer contactless payments?

The growth of contactless payments in Croatia can be explained by the improvement of the payment infrastructure, the increasing adoption of contactless payments, the rapid growth of the e-commerce market and the convenience of electronic payments.

Can I use Revolut in Croatia?

Thankfully yes, you can now use Revolut in Croatia. One of the advantages of using Revolut is that, with your Revolut card, you can withdraw money from virtually any ATM, including 55,000 network ATMs, with no commission charges.

Les distributeurs automatiques de billets sont largement disponibles dans tout le pays
ATMs are widely available throughout the country

How can I avoid ATM fees in Croatia?

You should avoid ATMs in airports and hotels, as they tend to charge high fees to target tourists. You can also get a card that doesn’t charge fees on foreign transactions and reimburses you for ATM fees. Try to make less frequent, larger withdrawals to reduce the number of one-off fees you’re charged. Or simply use your Revolut card.

Are there ATMs everywhere in Croatia?

ATMs are widely available throughout the country, with the exception of the more remote islands. All you need is a smart debit card and a four-digit PIN code.
In Dubrovnik, you’ll find ATMs literally everywhere in the old town. As locals complain about the number of ATMs in the city center, you’ll have no trouble finding one.