Sunset from Srd hill

One of the unforgettable experiences in Dubrovnik that you shouldn’t miss is the sunset from Srd hill. Although there are countless positions to enjoy the beautiful colors of sunset in Dubrovnik, the Srd hill is a favorite.

Srđ is the hill above Dubrovnik. The highest altitude of the Srđ hill is 415 m above sea level.

Sunset, Mount Srd

How do I get to the top of Srd hill?

There are several ways to get to the top of Srd Hill, depending on your personal preferences.

Climb the Srđ hill on foot

If you’re a more active type, you can climb the hill on foot. There are two routes you can take.
In case, you’re going to Srd from the old town or from parts of the town south of the old town, the easiest way is up via the village of Bosanka. From Ploče, the southern entrance to the old town, or from Buža, the eastern entrance to the town, follow the signposted path to the Adriatic freeway. The road from Bosanka to the top of the hill is often congested with vehicles heading for the hilltop, but it offers plenty of photo opportunities.

The more pleasant walk is the forest path, which starts from the Adriatic freeway, about 1 km to the north. The signposted path starts from the bus station above the viaduct itself at the entrance to Dubrovnik. The route consists of 14 serpentines leading to the summit, i.e. the Imperial Fortress.

Créez des souvenirs inoubliables en admirant le coucher de soleil à Dubrovnik depuis la colline Srd. Une expérience exceptionnelle.
Panoramic view of Dubrovnik

Enjoy the funicular ride

The second option is also up to the top of Srđ hill with the funicular. I’ll stress that this is the easiest and quickest way to reach the top. The funicular ride takes three minutes. The funicular leaves from the Buža parking lot or from bus stop no. 10.

The most important note for the funicular is to arrive early enough, before sunset, to get your ride on time. The cable car is both the fastest and most interesting way to get to the top of Srd, so longer waits (45 min) are to be expected.

The capacity of the cabin is 33 people and there is no possibility of making a reservation. All organized groups, as well as independent tourists, wait together for their journey.

When you reach the top by funicular, get out of the building to enjoy the beautiful views. Although the view from the funicular building itself is interesting, it’s difficult to take good photos from here. Electric cables and cable guides block the view.

Dubrovnik Cable car rates

Ticket prices are as follows
– adult round-trip ticket €26.54 / HRK 200.00
– adult one-way ticket €14.60 / HRK 110.00
-children’s round-trip ticket (4 – 12 years) €6.64 / HRK 50.00
– child one-way ticket (4 – 12 years) €3.98 / HRK 30.00
– children under 4 free

Test your driving skills – get in the car

The third way to get to the top of Srd Hill is by car. You can drive up in your own car or take a cab. This is also the option I would least recommend for several reasons:
– The road to the top of the hill is quite narrow and steep.
– Many vehicles head for the top of the hill, and the road is almost always congested. Cars stop anywhere so that guests can take photos.
– You need a lot of patience and very good driving skills. Here, we generally drive 10 m forwards, 20 m backwards.
– If you suffer from vertigo, I would also advise against this route.

Logically, despite all these challenges, this mode offers the most possibilities for beautiful photos.

Créez des souvenirs inoubliables en admirant le coucher de soleil à Dubrovnik depuis la colline Srd. Une expérience exceptionnelle.
Route to Mount Srd from Dubrovnik

When you reach the top of Srđ Hill, what can you see?

The Imperial Fortress was built by the French army in 1808 and is dedicated to Napoleon. During the Homeland War in 1991, the fortress served as Dubrovnik’s last line of defense. Impériale was bombarded with hundreds of shells, causing extensive damage. It’s very important to know that the fortress is safe and secure. It’s also very interesting to visit.

The Imperial Fortress houses the Homeland War Museum. The museum displays numerous photos of Dubrovnik during the bombardments, military maps and videos of the attacks themselves. One of the reasons it’s worth visiting the fortress is the view. From the upper terrace as the highest point above Dubrovnik.

Ticket prices:
– Adults = HRK 30.00 / EUR 3.98
– Students = HRK 15.00 / EUR 1.99
– Family ticket = HRK 60 / EUR 7.96* .
A family ticket includes a visit by parents with minor children, and includes a maximum of two adult tickets.

The crossroads of countries

Throughout history, the Srđ hill has been strategically the most important defense point. From the hill, you can control your neighbors:
– To the east – Bosnia-Herzegovina because you’re literally a few kilometers from the border post
– To the south – Montenegrin mountain peaks
– To the north – Elaphite archipelago and Dubrovnik coastline
– To the west – the horizon of the Adriatic Sea

Where to take photos of Dubrovnik from Srd?

Créez des souvenirs inoubliables en admirant le coucher de soleil à Dubrovnik depuis la colline Srd. Une expérience exceptionnelle.
Sunset, view of Port Gruz

Although you’re on the highest point above Dubrovnik and the view is extraordinary, there are still places from which the view is even better.

– Srđ’s cross was erected in 1935. It was the Bishop of Dubrovnik in memory of the 1900th anniversary of Christ’s crucifixion. During the Patriotic War, on December 6, 1991, the cross was bombed and destroyed. The cross had an extremely high emotional value for the defenders and citizens of besieged Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik’s defenders made a new cross out of planks a few days later. Today’s cross was restored in 1997.

– Upper terrace of the imperial fortress
Before the war, one of the most attractive clubs on the Adriatic was located on the terrace of the imperial fortress. From this vantage point there is a truly enchanting view of Dubrovnik.

– Panorama Restaurant – whether you want to enjoy the view over Dubrovnik, the sunset while sipping a cocktail, or the food from one of Dubrovnik’s top restaurants.
The only thing you need to do is book well in advance.


Don’t forget to check sunset times when planning your stay in Dubrovnik