How to make the most of your call in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik, the old port just inside the old town

You arrive in Dubrovnik on a cruise and want to know how to make the most of the day – follow my advice!

Dubrovnik is known as one of the most visited ports on the Mediterranean. This means two things:

– that the city is worth a visit for its beauty and history

– that the city is often full of visitors.

Although you can find articles everywhere that say Dubrovnik is overcrowded and can’t really take advantage of its beauty, follow my tips to make the most of your stay in my city

How do I get to Dubrovnik’s Old Town?

There are two ports in Dubrovnik – the port of Gruz and the port in the old town.

Your ship docks in the old town – perfect, in a few moments you’re there!

For all arrivals at the Old Town port, it’s easy enough to get to Stradun itself, as the boats dock just a few meters from the beautiful main street. Immediately after disembarking, you’ll find yourself in the center just a few meters away. Before you, Placa or Stradun invites you to discover all its secrets.

You’ll easily find currency exchange offices, gift stores and cafés.

The port of Gruz, Dubrovnik’s new and largest harbour

Dubrovnik, the new port, view from Dubrovnik bridge

As soon as you step off the ship, you can find all the ways to get to the center. Most companies organize shuttle services to Pile, the city’s main entrance. Depending on the company, this depends on whether the fare is included in the price of the cruise or whether the ticket is payable. Travel time depends on traffic, but is around 20 min.

Just outside the port, there’s a train station where you can catch a local bus.

Local lines 1A, 1B and No. 3 go directly to Pile. Tickets per person cost 15 HRK (2 EUR) and can be purchased at the kiosk or on the bus. To buy bus tickets, you’ll need local currency. You can also find an exchange office and an ATM at the station. Disembark at the last stop and you’ll see the entrance to the town ahead.

At the same point where you disembark, you can take a bus back to the ship. You can also use numbers 3 and 8 to return.

When is it better to go into town?

Dubrovnik’s old port

On the Port of Dubrovnik website, all arrivals for the season are announced two years in advance. It’s best that when you have the right departure date for Dubrovnik, visit the Dubrovnik port website and check exactly which port the ship is moored at, how many ships have that day and the arrival time. It’s also important to make sure that ship visitors aren’t the only ones visiting Dubrovnik that day. Most groups staying in Dubrovnik or arriving here for a day trip usually arrive around 10:00 am. My advice is that if you arrive early, you should head for the center as soon as you arrive.

If the boat leaves around 11:00 a.m., I suggest a trip to the Dubrovnik area first. Visit Cavtat for lunch, for example, and return to Dubrovnik around 2:30 p.m. when the vast majority of customers have already left the center.

For all afternoon arrivals, the crowds are already behind you and you can enjoy the beauty of Dubrovnik in peace.