Dive into Sea Wonders: Explore Dubrovnik’s Coast

The Croatian coast is one of the most developed in the world. It stretches for 1550 km2 from the border with Italy in the north, to the border with Montenegro in the south. The coast hides numerous bays and caves along its length.
Croatia is also famous for its islands, and is often referred to as The Land of 1000 Islands. In the Adriatic Sea, on the Croatian coast, there are 1125 islands, islets and reefs. All are located very close to the coast, which is why there are only a few sandy beaches in Croatia.
Beaches are mainly made up of pebbles or rocks.

Les Grottes et la plage du sable fin
Šunj beach, Lopud island

On this excursion, you’ll discover the beauties of the Croatian coast in just a few hours.

After leaving the old town, enjoy a panoramic cruise on the catamaran deck. In front of you, in all its grace, will rise the walls of Dubrovnik. The fortresses of Sveti Ivan, Bokar and Lovrijenac stand guard over Dubrovnik.

Our first stop is on the island of Lopud, home to Dubrovnik’s most popular sandy beach, Šunj Beach.

Les Grottes et la plage du sable fin

Time to swim and explore the caves! On the islet of Koločep, or as it’s called among the locals – Kalamota, we’ll stop and visit up to two caves. Blue Cave and Green Cave on the outside of the island. You’ll enjoy diving and exploring the caves.

Les Grottes et la plage du sable fin
The Blue Grotto, Kolocep Island

The last visit of the trip is to the cave on the island of Lokrum, where you can try your hand at cliff diving.

Les Grottes et la plage du sable fin
The Lokrum island

If you want to make the most of Dubrovnik and have limited time, this tour is the best choice for you!